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About de Rochonnet delights

de Rochonnet delights was founded by Jeanne-Louise Womble, Master Chocolatier, March 2003. The retail store opened for business on October 26, 2004. Jeanne-Louise's professional background (25 years) was in governmental human resources and health benefits administration. After 28 years in public service, she retired to pursue her dream... to be a chocolatier.

Jeanne-Louise's passion for chocolate making began about 25 years ago when her twins were in elementary school. Over the years, she worked on developing her truffle centers and fine tuning her chocolate-making skills. In addition, she obtained a Professional Chocolatier Certification through the Ecole of Chocolat at the British Columbia University, Vancouver Canada.


In 2004, Jeanne-Louise completed her Maitre Chocolatier certification through the Valrhona's Ecole du Grand Chocolat located in Tournon France in the Rhone Valley. In 2005, she traveled to Northern Italy to learn from the Italian master chocolatiers. In 2007, Jeanne-Louise travel to Belgium for a hands on training at Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy. With Barry Callebaut, there is a history of over 150 years in the world of cocoa and chocolate.

de Rochonnet delights is a family run business. Jeanne-Louise's husband Richard retired after working in a major health care corporation to work fulltime as the financial officer of the company. Richard considers himself as the chief "gofer" of the company. Their son Eric joined the team bringing his years of experience as a chef. His creativity has brought new products and expanded production. The retail store front windows are constantly changing with the artistic flare from their daughter Renee as she brings years of retail experience to help manage the retail store. Their grandson Cody serves as a junior buyer for the business and provides vital input as to what kids may want in buying chocolates.

The two most frequently asked questions by de Rochonnet delights' customers are:

    Who is the pretty lady on our boxes?
    What is the origin of the name of our company?

The pretty lady is Jeanne-Louise's mother. Her mother was the inspiration for Jeanne-Louise to pursue her passion of chocolate-making. The de Rochonnet name, believe it or not, is her mother's middle name and it is Jeanne-Louise's middle name and, since this is an old family name, most of the females in their family have the same middle name.


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