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Chocolate Facts


For best flavor, please store and taste chocolates at room temperature (66º to 76º Fahrenheit). Our chocolates are made of the freshest ingredients without preservatives and should be consumed within 7 days of delivery. If refrigeration, or freezing, is necessary, please place in an airtight container and allow the container to return to room temperature before opening. Another alternative is to store chocolates in a wine cooler which controls temperature and humidity.


de Rochonnet delights uses peanuts, cashews, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, soy, and other nuts in its confections. Even those confections that do not normally contain nuts might possibly contain traces of these nuts.

Chocolates are processed in a facility where wheat products are produced.


Butter and cream may be found in every de Rochonnet delights confection.

Other Allergies
If you are allergic to any substance that can normally be found in confections, then it is probably present in de Rochonnet delights confections. Please use caution.


de Rochonnet delights Chocolates uses French chocolates with the following % of cocoa butter:

White Chocolate 30%

Milk Chocolate 38%

Dark Chocolate 54-64%

Basic ganache consists of cream and chocolate with the addition of butter and flavorings to enrich the taste.


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