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Unique Chocolates

Peacocks (solid chocolate)

These are beautiful chocolates for special gatherings.

Milk, Dark, White chocolate.

Chocolates packaged with 12 disks (¼ pound).

Qty: Price: $8.00


Eiffel Towers

(6 inches high) - Towers are solid dark chocolate (64% cocoa), milk chocolate (38% cocoa), and white chocolate (30% cocoa).

Qty: Price: $12.00


Hedgehog Truffle

Our cute milk/dark chocolate hedgehogs with creamy smooth peanut butter are favorites with children and adults. They rest in a box for two.

Qty: Price: $6.00



Our caramel is covered with Belgian chocolate in a box of 4.

Qty: Price: $5.50



There is fudge and there is fudge...then there is de Rochonnet delights' fudge. Enjoy our fudge made with the rich European chocolates.

Price: $4.50 for Milk or Dark


Chocolate Dipped Oranges and Apricots

Dark chocolate dipped orange zest and apricots (1/4 pound).

Qty: Price: $12.00


Bark Chocolate & Nuts

Layered dark and White chocolate with toasted almonds, cashews, pistachios and pecans (1/4 pound).

Qty: Price: $10.00


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Milk or Dark Chocolate (1/2 pound).

Qty: Price: $12.00


Chocolate Nut Clusters

Choose between:
Milk Chocolate Virginia peanut clusters (1/4 pound)
Dark Chocolate toasted almond clusters (1/4 pound)
White Chocolate Macadamia clusters (1/4 pound)

Qty: Price: $10.00


Candied Pecans

This is great for pecan lovers to eat. You can add them to your ice cream or other desserts.

Qty: Price: $10.00


Chocolate Almond Toffee

If you are a toffee lover then you will enjoy eating our freshly made toffee.

Qty: Price: $10.00


Chocolate Turtles

Our turtles are made with our rich caramel over pecans then drenched with milk or dark chocolate. We offer four turtles in a box.

Qty: Price: $14.00


Chocolate Tortoise

For the love of chocolate, caramel and pecans, we offer the tortoise (over 1 1/2 pounds) packaged in its own gift box. The tortoise is made with our rich caramel over pecans then drenched with milk or dark chocolate. Tortoise made on request. Allow 3 days prior to shipping.

Qty: Price: $15.00


Signature Chocolate Bars

Our Belgian chocolate bars are available in dark, milk, or white chocolate. Also try the dark chocolate orange and dark raspberry chocolate bars. Great for wine/beer chocolate pairing. Packaged with 8 bars.

Qty: Price: $16.00


Origin Organic Chocolate Bars

We offer chocolates for the true chocolate lover:
Tanzanie Dark Chocolate - 75%
Tanzanie Dark Valrhona Nips - 75%
Alto el Sol Perou Dark Chocolate - 65%

Packaged with 8 bars.

Qty: Price: $20.00


Chocolate Dipped Espresso Beans

A coffee lover's dream comes true with ¼ pound of Espresso beans dipped in dark Belgian chocolate (64% cocoa). Try our Espresso beans packaged with dark and white chocolate beans. The white chocolate tames the flavor, but still gives you that espresso taste.

Qty: Price: $10.00


Dessert Apples (Granny Smith)

Our Granny Smith apples are hand-dipped with our rich creamy caramel, smothered with dark/milk chocolate. Go nutty with the apples rolled in large flavorful nuts. NET WT. approximately 1 - 2 lbs. Serves 4-6. Pure delicious decadence for dessert.

Dark Chocolate with pecans, $12.00
Milk Chocolate with Virginia Peanuts, $12.00
Dark Chocolate plain, $10.00
Milk Chocolate plain, $10.00



Aztec Chocolate Spicy Rub

Aztec Chocolate Spicy Rub created by our Executive Chef Eric. Take your grilling up a notch! Chocolate infused with spices that will tantalize your taste buds. Great for chicken, pork, beef and even add the rub to your chilli.

Qty: Price: $6.00


European Hot Cocoa

This is a rich European chocolate cocoa drink, especially designed by deRochonnet delights' chocolatier for true chocolate lovers. This rich cocoa will satisfy your taste buds. The cocoa is eloquently packaged in a gold sealed pouch and you only need to add is cream or milk. The de Rochonnet delights' hot cocoa mix can be ordered with or without sugar (Splenda). The 4 oz. of cocoa mix will serve around 5 cups of the wonderful drink.

Cocoa with Sugar, $8.00
Cocoa with Splenda, $8.50




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